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Laser Resurfacing Overview and FAQs

Conditions Treated

Laser resurfacing is ideal for treating deep wrinkles around the eyes, mouth, forehead, cheeks and neck, acne scarring and surgical scarring.

Ideal Candidates

People with sun damaged skin and fine to deep skin wrinkles around the eyes (crow’s feet), mouth (vertical lip lines or smoker’s lines), the entire facial surface and the entire neck and v of the chest are ideal. Patients with acne scarring, other surface scars and irregularities (benign surface growths) are also candidates.

Treatment Overview

Laser skin resurfacing can be performed as a convenient, simple, in-office procedure in as little as 45 minutes, depending on the size and extent of the areas to be treated. The combination of the CO2 and Erbium:YAG Laser are used for optimal results. We treat patients in an out patient surgical facility under general anesthesia according to patient preference. Used singly or in combination with various chemical peels to blend skin color and texture, Laser treatment often provides the most cost-effective solution.

Healing time varies with each patient and can range from 7-14 days, with up to 3 months of redness. Most patients can return to work after 10-15 days and makeup can be used to cover the redness.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is laser resurfacing performed?

Resurfacing can be performed in our office, or at a out patient surgical center according to patient preference.

Will I be awake or asleep during the procedure?

We are able to perform these procedures in office with you awake, using sedation and local anesthesia. In office, topical agents, analgesics, and/ or sedatives are used, in addition to anesthetic nerve blocks, so that little or no pain will be experienced during treatment. Some patients prefer complete sleep (general anesthesia) with an anesthesiologist, at a certified ambulatory surgical facility. Because of the sedation, it will be necessary that you bring someone with you to drive you home.

Will I experience a lot of pain postoperatively?

Generally, pain is minimal, although some patients require a mild, oral, analgesic during the first few days after treatment.

Will there be a great deal of bleeding during the procedure?

One of the characteristics of the CO2 Laser is that it seals blood vessels so that little, if any bleeding is present during or after the procedure. There can be more bleeding encountered if the Erbium Laser is utilized alone.

When will I be able to resume normal activities?

Healing time is dependent upon the depth of Laser resurfacing needed to produce a good result. Generally, treated areas heal in two to three weeks, leaving redness, which gradually fades over the next several months. During this period you may apply special cosmetic products to hide the redness.

Can I expect perfection, with 100% removal of lines, creases and scars?

You can expect significant to dramatic improvement, with disappearance of some defects and marked lessening of others. While perfection is a worthy goal, it is vital that you embark on any cosmetic procedure with realistic expectations. It is also worth noting that stubborn, deep lines may be retreated on touched-up after approximately eight to twelve months.

How do you blend the treated and non-treated areas of the face for a natural appearance?

This is accomplished by “feathering” adjacent areas with lower intensity Co2 Laser resurfacing or with the Erbium:YAG Laser and/or by combining the Laser resurfacing with chemical peels to surrounding areas.

What types of problems lend themselves to skin resurfacing?

Patients who might consider this procedure include those with deep wrinkles or vertical lip lines around the mouth and chin, prominent crow’s feet around the eyes, chronically sun damaged skin with significant scarring on the cheeks, and individuals with some types of acne scarring.