Acne - Preparing for Your Appointment

Your Acne Experience

Jot down notes that summarize your personal experience with acne. Be able to answer the following questions:

  • When did your acne first start? Where?
  • Where has it bothered you the most?
  • Have you developed any scars from acne?
  • What treatments have you already attempted? For how long?
  • Have you seen any other medical professionals about your acne? If so, what did he/she recommend?
  • Does anything tend to make your acne better or worse? (i.e exercise, menstruation, diet..etc)
  • What bothers you most about your acne?

Your Questions for the Visit

Create a list of your own questions for the visit. This is helpful for remembering what to ask. (It's frustrating to remember a question when it's too late.)

Take Photos

  • Take photos of the acne where it bothers you the most.
  • Take a selfie to document facial acne (without makeup!)

Note: You can download our mobile app and take photos in the app so that they are not stored with your other photos.

Wear Loose Clothing

Come to the visit in loose-fitting clothing. This will make it easier for perform a skin exam.

Do not Wear Makeup

Avoid using makeup or concealer on the day of your appointment. If you do wear makeup, you may be asked to remove it. This is recommended so that your doctor can get a better look at your skin.

Call your insurance company

Your office visit is likely to be covered, but it is important to call your insurer in advance to find out what is and is not covered, and to have an understanding of your co-pay. (This is the amount that the insurance company requires that you pay for the visit.)

Have Realistic Expectations

It can take 6-8 weeks to see results.

Take Photos

After your visit, it can help to take photos of your acne-affected areas over the following weeks to see how they respond to treatment.

HELPFUL HINT: You can use our mobile app to store photos.

HELPFUL HINT: Take photos of your prescription medications. This can help you remember details of your prescription and you can share the details at your next appointment.

Source: Vivacare
Last updated : 2/13/2019

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