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Mohs Surgery

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Asarch Center for Dermatology and Laser
3701 South Clarkson Suite 400
Englewood, Colorado 80113
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Medical Expertise of Dr. Richard Asarch, MD

Dr. Asarach specializes in the adult dermatology with particular expertise in the treatment of skin cancer with Mohs micrographic surgery.

About Dr. Richard Asarch, MD

Dr. Richard Asarch, MD is a board-certified Denver dermatologist and Mohs surgeon providing care to patients at the Asarch Center for Dermatology, Laser & Mohs Surgery Dr. Asarch also serves as Associate Clinical Professor for the Department of Dermatology at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center. Dr. Asarch introduced Mohs micrographic surgery, the procedure that has the highest cure rate for all skin cancers, to the State of Colorado in 1977 after he had studied with Dr. Frederic Mohs in Madison, Wisconsin. In 1983, Dr. Asarch was the first doctor in Colorado to incorporate laser treatments for skin issue correction.

Conditions Treated

Aging Skin & Wrinkles
Allergic Contact Dermatitis
Atopic Dermatitis
Hair Loss (Balding)
Seborrheic Keratosis
Skin Cancer

Procedures & Services

Mohs Surgery for Skin Cancer

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Education & Training

  • Residency: University of Colorado
  • Internship: University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics
  • Fellowship: U Iowa Hosps and Clinics
  • Internship: Good Samaritan Hospital
  • Medical School: University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine

Professional Affiliations