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Expert Tips & Wisdom

Moles, Atypical (Dysplastic)

by Lauren Balbas, PA
Q: Can you get rid of this mole with a laser? And how much does it cost? A: We do indeed offer mole removal, but not with a laser. Generally it is not advisable to remove moles by laser if they are... More...

Hyperhidrosis (Sweating Excessively)

by Lauren Balbas, PA
Q: What are the treatments for hyperhidrosis? A: The first line treatment consists of using a prescription antiperspirant called Drysol. If this is not effective enough, the use of Botox is now FDA... More...

Acne in Teenagers

by Lauren Balbas, PA
Q: I am a teen with terrible acne. My friends and family all accuse me of not washing myself properly, but I have studied magazines and books about skincare, and I have learned what I think to be the ... More...

Freckles (Ephilides)

by Lauren Balbas, PA
Q: Can you help with freckles? A: There are several methods available to treat freckles and brown spots. These include cryotherapy with liquid nitrogen, chemical peeling agents, and intense pulse l... More...

Patient Education

How Many Laser Hair Removal Sessions are Needed?

he problem with tweezing, shaving, plucking, and waxing is that these types of hair removal methods are temporary and must be repeated constantly. These methods take a toll on the skin, causing i... More...

PRP for Hairloss

What is PRP Therapy? PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) therapy for hair loss is a three-step medical treatment in which a person’s blood is drawn, spun for platelet-rich plasma separation, and then ... More...