Eve Katzen, PA-C

Physician Assistant (PA)

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El Segundo Dermatology
713 N. Douglas St.
El Segundo, California 90245
For an appointment, call (310) 906-2788

Medical Expertise of Eve Katzen, PA-C

Eve has extensive experience in pediatric and adult emergency medicine, urgent and primary care in addition to medical, cosmetic and surgical dermatology. Eve has strong interests in skin cancer screenings, treatment of viral dermatoses and cosmetic procedures.

About Eve Katzen, PA-C

Eve Katzen PA-C is a board certified Physician Assistant providing care at El Segundo Dermatology in El Segundo California. Eve has extensive experience in Pediatric and Adult Emergency Medicine, Urgent and Primary Care in addition to Medical, Cosmetic and Surgical Dermatology. In June 2013, Eve completed the SDPA residency program and was named as a Society of Dermatology Physician Assistants Diplomat. Eve has strong interests in skin cancer screening and prevention, treatment of viral dermatoses and cosmetics.

Conditions Treated

Aging Skin & Wrinkles
Allergic Contact Dermatitis
Atopic Dermatitis
Hair Loss (Balding)
Seborrheic Keratosis
Skin Cancer

Patient Education Resources

How can I reduce the skin redness caused by rosacea?
There are several ways to reduce the skin redness caused by rosacea:Avoiding triggers: Triggers such as sun exposure, wind, high temperatures, stress, spicy foods, and alcohol, can worsen the symptoms...
How much does laser tattoo removal cost?
The cost of laser tattoo removal can vary depending on several factors such as the size, location, and color of the tattoo, as well as the number of treatments required to remove it. The cost can also...
What is facial rejuvenation?
Facial rejuvenation refers to a variety of cosmetic treatments that are designed to improve the appearance of the face and make it look more youthful. These treatments can include a combination of non...
What is microneedling?
Microneedling is a cosmetic procedure that involves using a device with fine needles to create tiny punctures in the skin. The needles are typically between 0.5mm and 2.5mm in length, and are used to ...
What is the treatment for severe atopic dermatitis?
The treatment for severe atopic dermatitis will depend on the individual case, but it may include a combination of the following:Topical corticosteroids: Topical corticosteroids can be used to reduce ...

Education & Training

Wagner College/ Staten Island University Hospital Program
BS Physician Assistant Studies
1999 – 2003

Professional Affiliations