Honey Hill, PA-C

Physician Assistant (PA)

Johnson Dermatology
5921 Riley Park Dr
Fort Smith, Arkansas 72916
For an appointment, call (479) 649-3376

About Honey Hill, PA-C

Honey Schaumburg, PA-C graduated in 2011 from the University of Oklahoma-Tulsa Physician Assistant program with a Masters of Health Sciences before furthering her dermatology training at Johnson Dermatology. She decided to stay with the team at Johnson Dermatology after she completed this extra training.

Honey served as secretary of her class. She completed her undergraduate degree at Rogers State University with a Bachelors of Science in medical/molecular biology. While attending RSU she was a member of Alpha Chi Honors Society. She is currently a member of the American Academy of Physician Assistants, the Arkansas Academy of Physician Assistants and the Society of Dermatology Physician Assistants. 

Conditions Treated

Aging Skin & Wrinkles
Allergic Contact Dermatitis
Atopic Dermatitis
Hair Loss (Balding)
Seborrheic Keratosis
Skin Cancer

Patient Education Resources

Does the acne on my back and chest require different treatment from the acne on my face?
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How do I find out if I have skin cancer?
The best way to find out if you have skin cancer is to have a skin examination performed by a healthcare professional such as a dermatologist. They will visually inspect your skin for any suspicious m...
How is atopic dermatitis different from eczema?
Atopic dermatitis and eczema are often used interchangeably, but they are not exactly the same thing. Atopic dermatitis is a type of eczema.Eczema is a general term that refers to a group of condition...
Rosacea Medication Savings
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What is the treatment for nail fungus?
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Johnson Dermatology

Our entire team is dedicated to providing highest quality of dermatologic and cosmetic care to preserve the beauty of healthy skin.

Dr. Brad Johnson, Dr. Sandy Johnson and Dr. Garrett Nelson, board certified dermatologists, are medical doctors specially trained to recognize and treat problems of the skin, hair, and nails. Nina Copeland, our nurse practitioner, has more than 8 years of clinical experience and specializes in cosmetic and surgical dermatology. Honey Schaumburg, our physician assistant, is certified in Dermatology and specializes in customized medical dermatology treatments. Dr. Amy Hudson our board certified Dermatopathologist.

Dr. Brad Johnson and Dr. Garrett Nelson are surgeons who specializes in skin cancer and offers Mohs micrographic surgery, the treatment with the highest cure rate for the most common forms of skin cancer.