What if I can’t Afford my Allergy Medication?

Allergy medications can vary in price. Many are now available over the counter and may not be covered by your insurance. It is important to take your allergy medications as directed, so If you cannot afford the cost of your medications, there are a few options:

Go for generic. Many common over-the-counter allergy medications such as Benadryl® (diphenhydramine), Allegra® (fexofenadine), Claritin® (loratadine) and Zyrtec® (cetirizine) are available in generic forms. These generic forms are often much less expensive.

Shop store brands. Many pharmacies and other stores have their own store brand of generic medications that may be less expensive.

Use coupons. Stores often offer coupons on their store brand products. Stock up when you see a coupon.

Use store cards: Many stores have their own free cards that can be used for discounts and to earn rewards.

Shop in bulk. Some bulk stores like Costco or Sam’s Club may have their own generic versions of your allergy medications and offer bulk options. This may be especially helpful for people who take allergy medication daily or for families with multiple people taking the same medication.

Shop around. Compare prices at other pharmacies or check prices at GoodRx, Medical Assistance Tool and Needymeds or

Contact the manufacturer. For prescription allergy medications, the manufacturer may offer patient assistance programs that include discounts.

Compare total out-of-pocket cost from one prescription allergy medication to another as sometimes prices will vary. Depending on whether or not you have insurance that covers your prescription, switching to another medication may save you money. In addition, if you have been prescribed a brand name medication, you can always check with your doctor or pharmacist to see if there is a similar generic version that would cost less. Just remember: if you do switch allergy medications, be sure to read the package instructions and familiarize yourself with proper dosage and administration of the medication you bring home.

It’s very important to use your medication as prescribed. Be sure to ask your doctor for help you if you cannot afford your medications.

Use the list below to contact the manufacturer to find out about its patient assistance program.

Patient Assistance Programs for Allergy Medications


Manufacturer: Merck

Details: Eligible patients receive their medications at no cost

To learn more contact: https://www.merckhelps.com/SINGULAIR

Phone Number: 1-800-727-5400

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